If your event has a theme then why not let us design a menu to enhance that special evening and add to the magic.

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     e rap bar.

Our chefs will live cook tender meat pieces or fresh vegetables chosen by you then flavour with your choice of seasoning or sauce. We will then wrap it up in a plain or flavoured soft tortilla right in front of you. What an experience. Especially for those with specific tastes.

hog roast colchester, wedding caterers colchester



     e Olde Knights

This is a medieval meal fit for Kings. Making the most of spit roasted meats of your choice served in a rustic style - no need for knives and forks here.

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     e OK Corral

This American themed BBQ will get you in the mood for a bit of line dancing or even jumping on a bucking bronco!


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     e meaty ball's

This is meatball mayhem! We are able to cater for all tastes as there is so much yo choose from - the classic garlic and herb meatballs made with beef mince spicy peppered pork and haggis meatballs to name only two!! There are also a multitude of vegetarian options to choose from. These can be served in the manner of your choice - in wraps-baguettes-in a sauce with rice,pasta,chips or wedges like I said "Mayhem!" How do you want yours?

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     e Past a bar.

This is a favourite for all ages. Can be a satisfying dinner or a light lunch or eaten as an inbetween course. As this is a "on the spot" cooking event you are in control!!

Its all down to giving you and your guests the choice. You pick the mix of fish, meat or fresh vegetables, the sauce and then one of the many pastas 

hog roast colchester, wedding caterers colchester



     e soup of men.

These soups are packed full of flavour and are not for the faint hearted. You choose your base then add your choice of freshly cooked vegetables, meat or fish then add your noodles or pasta to make your soup for men. Served with warmed brioche or crusty bread.  

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