Please contact us if you would like us to create a themed menu for you.

Vegetarian options avaliable.

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All the menus on this page can be mixed and matched to create your perfect menu. Please note that most of these are live cook and service may be slower. All prices are meant as a guide only. Number of dishes is dependant on numbers being catered for.

The Rap Bar

£10.95 per person


10" soft tortilla mixed plain and flaoured


Strips of beef steak,chicken breast,turkey thighs and pork loin


shredded duck breast and north atlantic prawns


Seasonings include fajita, BBQ, chiili, rose pepper,jerk,cajun


Sauces include hoi sin, oyster,tomato and basil,stilton


Vegetables include mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions,refried beans,sweetcorn


Potato wedges


Homemade coleslaw


german style potato salad


tomato and mozerella salad


mixed leaf salad


cucumber and mint salad


Guacamole, grated cheese,salsa





The Past a Bar



Choose your base


Penne rigate






Choose your sauce

Ragu sauce

Mushroom sauce

Seafood sauce

Bechamel sauce

Sweet red pepper sauce

Bolognaise sauce


Choose your ingredients

Cooked chicken pieces


Diced ham




grated cheese or parmesan

Mixed peppers

Cooked brocoli florets


Green beans


Garlic bread




The Olde Knight



Homemade soup in a roll




Selection of artisan breads


Quarter spit roast chicken

Spit roast sirlion of beef (cut into steaks)

Wild boar sausages

Spit roast belly pork


Black pudding


Carrot, leeks and lentils


Fruit basket




The Ok Corral



Peppered T-bone steak

1/4lb beefburger

Jumbo frankfurters


Hot dog rolls

Burger rolls


Corn on the cob

BBQ Beans

Fried onions


Buttered new potatoes


Mixed leaf salad

Homemade coleslaw

Tomato salad

Cucumber salad



BBQ sauce,jack daniels sauce,

ketchup,mustard and mayonnaise


*Waitress service available




The Meaty Balls

£9.95 per person


option 1


Lamb koftas

Chilli and lime cod fish balls

Garlic and herb beef meatballs

Soy sauce and ginger chicken balls

Pork and haggis meatballs


Penne or tagliatelle pasta

Braised plain or flavoured rice


Sweet and sour sauce

Tomato and basil sauce

cream sauce

Curry sauce


Fresh cut vegetables


Option 2


Lamb and mint meatballs

Chilli and tomato beef meatballs

Garlic and herb beef meatballs

BBQ chicken balls

Pork and blackpudding meatballs


10" Wholemeal or white Baguette

Fries or wedges


Homemade coleslaw


german style potato salad


tomato and mozerella salad


mixed leaf salad


cucumber and mint salad




The Soup of Men



Choose your beginning


Chicken Broth

Hot and sour

Vegetable stock

Beef stock

Mushroom broth


Choose your Middle


Cooked chicken pieces

Cooked beef strips

Shredded duck legs

Fresh tuna diced



Red Onion


Garden peas

Diced Carrot

Mixed peppers

Mini Brocoli Florets

Green beans



Choose your Ending


Cooked diced potatoes


Plain boiled rice


Red lentils


Served with crusty roll or half baguettes













All prices exclude VAT

Allergen Advice


Full allergen advice will be given on choosen menu or a menu can be created from your allergen requirements.

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